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Air Shower cuts water use by 30%

Air_shower Scientists at CSIRO have developed a simple ‘air shower’ device which, when fitted into existing showerheads, fills the water droplets with a tiny bubble of air.  The resulting shower feels just as wet and just as strong as before, but now uses much less water.

The researchers, from CSIRO Manufacturing Materials Technology in Melbourne, Australia say that is because the device increases the volume of the shower stream while reducing the amount of water used by about 30 per cent.

Given the average Australian household uses about 200,000 litres of water a year, and showers account for nearly a third of this, the ‘air shower’ could help the average household save about 15,000-20,000 litres a year. If you extend this across the population, that is an annual saving of more than 45,000 Olympic-sized swimming pools.

The Aerated Showerhead creates the sensation of having a full and steady stream of water even though the water is now more like a wet shell around a bubble of air.

After almost two years of research and development, CSIRO is ready to market the nozzle, and expect the cost to be less than $20, and easily installed by householders.

A simple change that could save millions of gallons of our unrenewable resource without sacrificing our beloved rituals.  Brilliant.  Thank you Green Wombat for the tip.


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